Hi!  I’m Neena docked in Singapore. My interests are wide and varied. I like to read, write, paint, travel, sports and there is much more on the list. This blog is about ‘voices’ – my own or of someone else.  But the perception is solely mine as one needs a voice to vent out your thoughts in different forms. Where mode of form differs pertaining to your thought. When I’m not writing, I’m painting or travelling or cooking in the kitchen.  I hope you find something in this blog to relate with.

My Brief:

Never stop exploring your potential!  After, completing Masters degree in Economics and Masters in Business Management with specialisation in Human Resource Management, I furthered studies in Software Programming. Later, pursued my career in a Software Training Organisation. I was decent in drawings, sketches and had proclivity for words and phrases from an early age. But, my creative facet surfaced much later in life. Probably, the focus was on studies and career during my formative years and didn’t pay head to the inner voice.  I moved from my core specialization of university education to creative writing.  Now, I cover stories and articles for lifestyle and travel magazine as a Freelance Writer.

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